Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Looking backward and forward: a year of ideas

How to find powerful strategic ideas?

I am an inveterate scanner. If I could clone myself, I'd have at least one or two additional selves surfing the web, attending intriguing presentation, and meeting thoughtful people full time. I thrive on stimulating new possibilities.

Of course, there are never enough hours in to
devote to this sort of free ranging; so, I am grateful for compilations of great ideas such as those put together by
Popular Science or Mass High Tech or J. de Francisco's highly innovative and informative blog, consultaglobal.

The New York Times has recently published its 7th Annual "Year in Ideas," which offers material from the sublime to the ridiculous for strategic thinkers to consider.
I loooove this article that appeared as the cover story of the NYT Magazine earlier this month. Here are their picks for the best ideas of 2007. I can't help but anticipating that these ideas, taken as a whole, are going to have significant impacts in the years ahead.

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